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Tour Guide Fritz Rumpel takes you on a walk through six of Savannah's most historic squares,

telling you the definitive story of how and why this city can claim to be the birthplace of  "40 acres and a mule."




Along the way, he employs contemporaneous photographs and illustrations, and audio and video clips to present you with a dramatic rendering of historic events that took place in Savannah from its founding in 1733 to the end of the Civil War in 1865.  This is one tour you won't want to miss--and now you don't have to!

(I apologize for the very short preview below; unlike for the trailer above,  20 seconds is all my platform allows for the preview (go figure). I'm trying to get that changed, though.)


Come take a history tour of Savannah, Georgia in the second best way you can see it--via video.

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40 Acres and the Truth

40 Acres and the Truth

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