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Our specialty is the private tour, meaning we  give you and your partner, family and/or friends an exclusive "walk and talk."  We also cater the tour to your needs: Let us know the date and time you would prefer to take the tour and we will  arrange it for you. Please refer to the calendar below for date availability.  

The price  is $40 per person. You pay at the end of the tour with cash, check, credit/debit card, Venmo, Cash App or Paypal. To book a tour, please call (912) 659-4383 or email rumpel@40acresandamule.org. And thank you very much!

Map of downtown Savannah with the trail of the tour highlighted.

The tour begins at Franklin Square and ends at Madison Square, taking about 2 hours.  

There are many fine tours in our city.  But if you're eager to learn more about African-American history in Savannah between 1733 and 1865; if you want to discover how the narrative of  Savannah was driven by the competing forces of the promotion of slavery and freedom through faith; and if you would like to know the complete story of  how one force triumphed over the other through the historic "40 acres and a mule" meeting,  this is the tour for you.