There are many fine tours in our city.  But if you're eager to learn more about African-American history in Savannah between 1733 and 1865; if you want to discover how the narrative of  Savannah was driven by the competing forces of slavery and freedom through faith; and if you would like to know the complete story of  how one force triumphed over the other through the historic "40 acres and a mule" meeting,  this is the tour for you.

The tour begins at Franklin Square and ends at Madison Square, taking about 2 hours.  (Please refer to the route at the top of the page.)

Our specialty is the private tour, meaning we  give you

and your partner, family and/or friends an exclusive "walk and talk."  We also cater the tour to your needs: Let us know the date and time you would prefer to take the tour and we will  arrange it for you.


The price of $40 per person  includes all taxes and fees.   


To book a tour,  call (912) 659-4383 or email

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